The post-fossil era has already begun

The future of energy is renewable, electric, decentralized and digital. These developments are pushing the global energy transformation forward.


Renewable energies like solar energy, hydropower, wind energy, biomass and geothermal energy are becoming increasingly competitive and efficient. At the same time, higher CO2 taxes and the social consensus to slow down climate change increase pressure on companies to operate more sustainably.


Electricity already has the largest share of energy demand. With an upward trend. Reasons include the increasing electrification of production and logistics chains, as well as the mobility turnaround.


Market and environmental developments lead to an increasingly decentralized energy market. The consequences are an increasing complexity in the control of decentralized assets, a multitude of service providers and manufacturers and the change from passive consumers to active prosumers.


Edge and cloud computing are changing digitilization rapidly. On the edge and in real-time, large amounts of data for complex calculation can be measured, analyzed and executed automatically. At the same time, the efficiency of microgrid technologies is increasing rapidly.


Electricity production and procurement in a transformed energy world

The decentralization of electricity generation and procurement is a fundamental paradigm shift full of challenges for which we are developing innovative solutions.

Volatile electricity production

Volatile electricity production from renewable energies harbors risks such as high electricity prices when there is a high demand and / or little production, but also opportunities such as negative electricity prices when there is overproduction. This has to be managed intelligently to take advantages of.

CO2 reduction

Climate change, net zero targets and rising CO2 taxes are putting the pressure on companies to transform their electricity procurement.

Rising demand for electricity

The increasing global electrification of logistics chains and production leads to an increasing demand for electricity from industry and trade. Electricity efficiency is becoming a significant cost factor.

Integration of e-mobility

More electric vehicles, more electricity consumption. Infrastructure, electricity procurement and e-mobility interests must be strategically reconciled.

Regulatory changes

Elimination of the EEG surcharge, reporting obligations on CO2 consumption, new and future laws and regulations. The future of electricity procurement must be designed with foresight and flexibility.

Technology and market developments

A decentralized and fragmented energy market entails increasing complexity in controlling electrical assets. Only powerful, learning software with AI and machine learning technology can handle this.

We are developing an open and collaborative EDGE platform for decentralized, dynamic and flexible energy markets of the future.

Frequenz in numbers

The EDGE AI Power Platform

We are an international team based in Berlin.

founded and based in Berlin
international team with experienced developers
backed by high-profile institutional investors
locations equipped with EDGE AI
processed load profiles, production, environmental and real-time market data
electricity traded as certified EPEX SPOT member

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Frequenz founded in Berlin



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Balancing Area Agreement & Certification

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Delivery of first commercial power contract


Balancing Market Certification


2MW Battery Deployment

4MWp Solar-Portfolio

Team has grown up to 30 people

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