When machines talk to each other

The increasing decentralization of the electricity industry leads to major challenges in the control, communication and maintenance of various microgrid components. These are the biggest hurdles.

Black boxes

How your hardware and software works and what it does exactly remains hidden. This lack of transparency leaves little or no scope for adjustments and improvements and leads to a high risk of stranded assets.

Limited computing power

In general, edge gateways are not designed to perform complex real-time calculations. However, these are indispensable for many applications.


Hardware and software are often incompatible. Very limited alternatives or expensive bad investments are the result.

Security risks

Security against attacks and data confidentiality: The digital security aspects when operating a microgrid are diverse, complex and difficult to handle.

Data transfers

Many providers, many LTE gateways. The contract and data transfer costs skyrocket. Security suffers, too.


Lack of redundancy: If one component fails, this has implications for the entire system. Frequent failures and a lack of technical reliability threaten operational safety and profitability.

The Power of EDGE AI

Build your own operating system

The future-oriented EDGE AI / ML microgrid operating system enables you to modify it according to your company goals. Optimize your microgrid assets to respond to unforeseen events. The most important features at a glance.

Open source

Customize your operating system to the individual goals of your company and the requirements of your microgrid.

Full control

You have full control over all components of your microgrid.

Automatic detection

The operating system automatically detects your microgrid components, regardless of type and manufacturer.

High compatibility

The system supports a wide range of hardware from many manufacturers for maximum compatibility and interoperability.

Monitoring & reporting

Gain new insights into your power management by monitoring and reporting events in real time – with unforeseen depth of detail.

Hardware acceleration

We support a large number of AI processors in order to process complex calculations for time-critical applications.


Container-based and authorization-based execution ensures the highest level of security to develop and to activate your microgrid.


A rigorous review of your code using simulation and backtesting allows the safe developement and deployment of your microgrid operating system.

Micro services

The operating system enables easy access to a wide range of predefined edge and cloud microservices.


Native integration of the microgrid components through registration and tokenization of your assets on the blockchain.


Efficient energy management in real-time with AI

With Frequenz EDGE AI, you flexibilize and optimize your electricity procurement on-site and on the edge. Automated and as efficient as possible.

High-resolution measurements in real-time

We offer 20KHz EDGE / NILM (non-intrusive load monitoring) real-time detection for intelligent consumption and production monitoring. This enables detailed insights into your energy consumption of your devices, which costs they cause and how your electricity production is running.

Precise forecasts in real-time

The self-learning AI / ML software analyzes your production and consumption data and combines them with electricity market and other external data. This enables optimized forecasts in real-time.

Flexible control in real-time

Frequency EDGE AI ensures the real-time control of your microgrid components and runs applications based on local forecasts and central market events. Always different, always efficient.


Combined applications for your maximum ROI

The automated and intelligent interaction and combination of different application modules enables a multitude of new energy savings and income opportunities.

Photovoltaic optimization

Consume and use your own solar power as efficiently as possible thus minimizing your electricity procurement costs significantly.

EV Charging

Bring your EV charging stations in line with your production by optimally controlling the charging stations and avoiding peak loads.

Peak Shaving

Avoid peak loads by using your stored electricity thereby reducing your network charges considerably.


Profit from volatile spot market prices to buy, store and sell electricity at the optimal time.

Peak Shifting

Avoid peak load time windows with battery stored electricity and minimize your network charges and electricity procurement significantly.

Balancing Power

Provide balancing power for the public grid or use electricity in your battery storage system as a network service to generate additional income.

Crypto Mining

Use the excess of your solar production and negative spot market prices to mine cryptocurrencies.

Application scenario

How your savings, income and CO 2 reductions are created

With automated AI / ML-controlled applications, we get the most out of your microgrid. Explained below in an example of 24 hours in the life of your microgrid.

00:00 06:00 12:00 18:00 24:00

Your benefits

Operate independently and sustainably

With the intelligent and flexible control of your microgrid, Frequenz EDGE AI ensures your competitive advantage.

Cost reduction

The automated interaction of different applications reduces your electricity costs significantly and opens up completely new sources of revenue for you.


React quickly and optimally to volatile market developments with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Reduce your public grid consumption through optimized solar on-site production and minimize the price risk on the remaining electricity procurement.


Minimize your CO2 emissions significantly - right up to climate neutrality.

Sounds promising? Get to know all the possibilities of our
Open Source AI / ML software.

EDGE AI analyzes, forecasts and decides in real-time how your electricity will be used.


Next generation microgrid components

Our approach is hardware agnostic, reliance on specific hardware is not required to run Frequenz EDGE AI. For new set-ups, we install high-efficient, high-voltage equipment for best results.


Discover the unlimited flexibility of our EDGE platform

The one-stop-shop solution for the deployment, optimization, and operation of complex next-generation microgrid infrastructures.

Microgrid setup

Highly simplified and automated setup of your microgrid assets in just a few steps

Secure collaboration

Secure operation of microgrids and collaboration through authorization-based access controls for users and teams

Deployment & simulation

Safe & secure AI modeling and operating system deployment, customized to your individual needs and objectives

Trading & scheduling

Event-based real-time optimization and control of your microgrid assets as part of your procurement strategy

The Frequenz EDGE platform enables a multitude of cooperation opportunities and business models for next-generation electricity markets.

Sounds promising?

Discover all the possibilities of our
Open Source AI / ML software.


Open source refers to software whose source code can be viewed, changed and used publicly and by third parties. It is a decentralized software development model that encourages open collaboration.
In combination with the Frequenz EDGE platform, the Frequenz EDGE AI microgrid operating system offers a multitude of combinable applications for the maximum ROI of your microgrid. As open source software it follows the build your own principle: you can extend it, customize it, adjust it according to your personal requirements. Optimize it for your individual microgrid asset layout and to your company and project goals.

Additional monitoring and reporting of events in real-time and an unforeseen depth of detail enable insights for further development.
Safety & security is the top priority when developing and operating your microgrid. The Frequenz EDGE platform guarantees your secure access, management and deployment of your personal, customized operating system code through highly secure VPN connections in your own virtual IPv6 network.
The EDGE AI operating system automatically detects your microgrid components, regardless of type and manufacturer. The open source approach ensures a high level of interoperability and compatibility, which supports complete control and monitoring of all components in your microgrid and its expansion.