Breaking down silo mentality

Running a microgrid in the best way possible requires an open, flexible and collaborative approach in order to adapt quickly to market and environment changes. We're developing the solution for it.

Status Quo

Closed ecosystems

No collaborative approach

Black boxes with limited customization options

Chinese walls, no interaction

Open, interoperable ecosystem

Open, collaborative approach

Customizable to individual goals and requirements

High connectivity and synchronization


A transparent and secure solution

Our EDGE platform enables the deployment, optimization and operation of next-generation microgrids.

Microgrid setup

Highly simplified and automated setup of your microgrid assets in just a few steps

Secure collaboration

Secure operation of microgrids and collaboration through authorization-based access controls for users and teams

Deployment & simulation

Safe & secure AI modeling and operating system deployment, customized to your individual needs and objectives

Trading & scheduling

Event-based real-time optimization and control of your microgrid assets as part of your procurement strategy

More Features

Natives AI Model Training

We support the seamless integration of AI models in the Frequenz cloud in order to deploy and run complex AI models in the edge.

Multi-Exchange Energy Supply

One API as a trading desk: Our platform offers simple and scalable market access and a secure connection to spot exchanges and balancing energy markets.

Non-intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM)

We focus on NILM to better forecast consumption and identify individual consuming assets. This improves the intelligent control of the microgrid components and offers you more transparent insights into your consumption.

Professional Services

Get a complete and harmonized overview: electricity bill, reporting and monitoring via one platform.

VPN topology

Secure access, management and deployment of your code through highly secure VPN connections with your own virtual IPv6 network.

Safe & Secure Deployment

Safe and secure iteration, simulation, backtesting and final deployment of your operating system and the trained AI models onto the edge.

Real-time Data at Scale

Gain new insights into your power management by monitoring and reporting events in real time and with unforeseen depth of detail.


Easy integration of your own cloud and third-party analysis tools.

Control your microgrid like a virtual construction site with the Frequenz EDGE platform.


Your code, your data, your savings

From business understanding to secure deployment: the development cycle of your EDGE AI operating system - individually customizable to your corporate goals, fail-safe and sustainable.

1 Understand 2 Customise 3 Upload 4 Simulate 5 Backtest 6 Deploy


Easy integration of endpoints

Easily customize your operating system to your own needs. Our EDGE platform enables a fast development and deployment process with the highest level of security for better optimization performance.

Customizable AI/ML microgrid operating system

Frequenz provides the AI / ML-optimized microgrid operating system as open source software. So that you can customize it to your individual needs.

Edge gRPC real-time API

The Edge gRPC real-time API offers a standardized interface to connect all underlying microgrid components with the operating system and various cloud APIs seamlessly.

Cloud RESTful API

Our cloud APIs provide various data flows (push data streams) to take external market and event information into account. Events such as maintenance or negative electricity market prices can thus be included in the decision-making and control processes.

Private VPN 5G edge network

Secure access, administration and deployment of your personal, customized operating system code through highly secure VPN connections with your own virtual IPv6 network. All microgrid components and company locations in a network are uniformly organized with dedicated access management.


Safe and innovative collaboration made easy

The one-stop-shop solution for collaborative and decentralized energy optimization and microgrid management.

Sounds promissing?

Discover the unlimited flexibility of our platform!