Our EDGE AI power packages

More than just low-cost electricity

Whether you want full power supply, the optimization of your existing power contract or to lay the foundation for your microgrid: we have the optimal solution for you. We combine our EDGE AI power packages with microgrid assets tailored to your objectives – without acquisition costs.

Application scenario

How your savings, income and CO2 reductions are created

With automated AI / ML-controlled applications, we get the most out of your microgrid. Explained below in an example of 24 hours in the life of your microgrid.

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All assets can be provided turnkey by Frequenz.
No investment costs
Full service.


Just a few steps away from your microgrid

Finding the right solution for your company in just a few steps. We install everything turnkey for you - without interfering with your production processes.


Pain points & potentials

Together, we identify your pain points and optimization potential.

3-4 hours
Phase 1-3: Service free of charge


Data collection

We collect your market data, historical usage & charging profiles and hardware data.

7-14 days


Data analysis & microgrid layout

We analyze your procurement optimization, potential EDGE AI applications, hardware requirements plus savings and revenue potential.

1-2 days


Hardware procurement

We procure the optimal hardware (battery, smart meter, solar array, etc.) for your company.

4-12 weeks
Phase 4-6: Binding service


Roll out

We install hardware and software - turnkey.

1-2 days (without PV)
3-4 weeks (with PV)


Optimization & operation

We take care of the on-going optimization of your microgrid performance incl. 24/7 data monitoring, real-time insights, over-the-air updates plus full service operations and maintenance.

"At Göing, our machines never stand still.
With Frequenz, we have optimized our power consumption successively as best as possible. With further smart infrastructure, we will be able to act even more cost-efficiently and sustainably in the future.“
Uwe Koppermann

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We currently offer our EDGE AI power packages to commercial customers in Germany with registering power measurement (RLM) and an annual electricity consumption of over 100,000 kWh.
A multitude of factors: Load profile and peak loads of a company affect, for example, the potential of the applications Peak Shaving and Peak Shifting and thus the possibility of minimizing network usage charges.

In Germany, your location also affects the network charges that have to be paid to your region's network operator.

Other factors related to the technological infrastructure such as capacity, performance and size of battery storage and photovoltaic arrays also play an important role. Let's talk, together we will find the optimal solution for your company.
The automated and intelligent interaction and the combination of different applications enables a multitude of new energy savings and income opportunities - often enabling a significant CO2 reduction.

This scenario, explains our applications using exemplary 24 hours in the life of your microgrid.
There are no investment costs for you. These microgrid components are already priced in in our offers: battery storage (required for EDGE AI Complete and EDGE AI Optimizer) and photovoltaic array (if not already available on your side, recommended but not required).

Further required hardware such as EDGE AI clusters, smart meters, inverters, calibrated meters, etc. are provided by Frequenz.
Yes. The intelligent control of Frequenz EDGE AI enables you to optimally control your assets, use every battery cycle as efficiently as possible and thus achieve a better ROI for your microgrid. High compatibility and adaptability of the EDGE AI operating system guarantees optimal control of your hardware, which you can adjust to your requirements.