Flatrate Energy

We reduce your company's electricity costs

The first electricity flat rate for commercial and industrial prosumers. Flatrate.energy offers companies a low electricity price and security of supply with next-generation, AI-optimized electricity delivery.

Stromspeicher Energy

Optimize your electricity costs with battery storage

Leverage the full potential of battery storage with multiple, AI-controlled applications. Discover on stromspeicher.energy how to lower your company's electricity costs significantly.

Direktvermarktung Energy

We make the most out of your electricity

With our Ai-driven applications combined with battery storage, you get the most out of your PV system. Discover on direktvermarktung.energy how your revenues can be significantly increased.

Fuhrpark Energy

We are the electricity supplier for your e-mobility

Fleet management re-thought. 100% readiness to drive, intelligent control, low costs. With fuhrpark.energy, you can electrify your fleet easily and as cost-effectively as possible.

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