It's the automated control that matters

Frequenz EDGE AI offers perfect harmonization between your microgrid assets and external influencing factors and events. AI-driven, automated, in real-time and on the edge.


Your open source microgrid operating system is customizable to your individual corporate objectives. AI-driven, in real-time and on the edge, it analyzes, forecasts and decides how your electricity is used in the most efficient way possible.

Frequenz Cloud

The connection to the Frequenz Cloud enables electricity procurement and trading via different sources. Furthermore, the connection facilitates the processing of big data & business intelligence and the integration of your existing company cloud.

Battery Storage

The intelligent control of battery storage systems is key to the efficient handling of renewable energy - and to achieving the best ROI.

Photovoltaic Array

By optimizing your self-consumption and storing solar power, you can significantly reduce your electricity costs and create new sources of income.

EV Charging

Integrate your e-mobility into your existing measuring point infrastructure - avoiding new load peaks and cost disadvantages. Bring it in line with the individual objectives and requirements of your company.

Environmental Data

Processing external real-time data sources such as weather services and satellite operators enables even more precise forecasts of your electricity production and your residual electricity consumption from the public grid.

Public Grid

Reduce your residual electricity consumption from the public grid. In doing so, you can significantly minimize your procurement costs, network charges, taxes and levies – and lower your grey electricity consumption.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energies are becoming increasingly competitive and efficient. Integrate 100% green electricity PPAs into your flexible electricity procurement.


Use your surplus green electricity to produce hydrogen and store it for future electricity needs.

Crypto Mining

Benefit from your excess solar production and negative spot market prices to mine cryptocurrencies.

Combined Heat and Power Unit

Integrate your combined heat and power unit into your flexible electricity procurement and synchronize it with your other microgrid components – as part of your holistic strategy.

Future Assets

Our flexible and interoperable EDGE platform and your EDGE AI microgrid operating system also allow future assets to be seamlessly integrated into your company infrastructure – with minimal effort.


Activate your microgrid at the heart of your company

Control your intelligent microgrid with AI/ML technology. Minimize your electricity costs, electricity procurement risks and CO2 emissions significantly. We help you to operate independently, flexibly and sustainably.


Reduce your electricity costs and CO2 emissions with Frequenz by up to 50%.

Future readiness

Future-proof your company with digital infrastructure and increase your competitiveness by electrifying your power management.

Maximum ROI

Use every battery cycle in the most effective way to achieve the maximum ROI for your microgrid.


Optimize and increase flexibility in your electricity supply directly on the edge. Automated and as efficient as possible.

"Together with Frequenz, we are looking at the transforming energy industry from a new angle. We initiate ecological and economic ideas and measures and set successfully things in motion. Moving forward from singular to combined applications - and in real-time. "
Frank Stocker


Guaranteed savings of up to 50%

Achieve economical and ecological sustainability - and future-proof your company. Lower costs, fewer emissions, fewer risks. Discover our EDGE AI power packages.

Without Frequenz With Frequenz
This is how the conventional electricity price for RLM consumers (annual consumption from 100,000 kWh) in Germany is composed of Cost reduction through smart power management with EDGE AI, solar production and battery storage.

EDGE AI power packages
for intelligent power management

Whether you want full power supply, to optimize your existing power contract or lay the foundation for the electrification of your company: no matter what your objectives and requirements are, we have the optimal solution for you.

You don't have any electrical assets yet? No problem. We offer you battery storage, solar systems and other electrical assets already priced into our power packages.

No investment costs. Turnkey. Full service.



Discover the unlimited flexibility of our EDGE platform

The one-stop-shop solution for the deployment, optimization, and operation of complex next-generation microgrid infrastructures.

Microgrid setup

Highly simplified and automated setup of your microgrid assets in just a few steps

Secure collaboration

Secure operation of microgrids and collaboration through authorization-based access controls for users and teams

Deployment & simulation

Safe & secure AI-modeling and operating system deployment, customized to your individual needs and objectives

Trading & scheduling

Event-based real-time optimization and control of your microgrid assets as part of your procurement strategy

Become part of the Frequenz Innovation Circle and a pioneer in electrification.

Sounds promising?

Discover the new world of
energy procurement with EDGE AI

About us

The EDGE AI Power Platform

We develop the open and collaborative EDGE platform for decentralized, dynamic and flexible energy markets of the future.

founded and based in Berlin
international team with experienced developers
backed by high-profile institutional investors
locations equipped with EDGE AI
processed load profiles, production, environmental and real-time market data
electricity traded as certified EPEX SPOT member